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FastApi ebook cover (7 × 10 in)

Building Serverless Python Apps Using FastAPI and AWS

Binding: Paperback

Paperback Length: 161

Ebook Length: 151

Release Date: 01-June-2022

Details: There are varying ways one can pursue starting a new or converting an existing project to a Serverless architecture. One of the many arguments heard is that developers typically don't know where to begin. This book is intended for those seeking to leverage a Serverless setup with a FastAPI project.

This book provides a step-by-step guide for building Python APIs on AWS using FastAPI, AWS CDK, GraphQL, and more! It aims to solve one of the more predominant causes of delaying the transition to Serverless by providing engineers with an outline of where to begin on their Serverless journey.

Code samples are provided to demonstrate several avenues that can be taken as well as some housekeeping items like formatting and building the continuous integration and delivery pipeline. Readers also get end-of-chapter quizzes, cheat sheets, and access to the full source code from the examples in this book.

Languages: English

Publisher: Viratec Interactive LLC