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Neon Jelly Bois NFT Collection

For months I’ve been putting off any significant involvement with NFTs and the Metaverse. I’ve been reading about these collections and their significance to their collectors thinking to myself, “why?”. Well, it’s more than just a means to earn crypto and clout. It’s a permanent stamp in an emerging market that will outlive its creators. It is a way to fundraise for companies, non-profits, and other causes. So I decided to put a little experiment together. An initial collection of 30 animated neon jellyfish painted and animated in Procreate. The Neon Jelly Bois collection is my initial entry into the NFT world with the hopes of creating more as time permits.

Why grab one of the Neon Jelly Bois? A portion of proceeds from each of my collections will go to a cause and with this one being ocean-themed, the donations from this collection will go towards the Impact Index Fund: Environment (learn more at The rest is used to fund other digital projects like future publications or Crypto/Metaverse involvement.

Each Neon Jelly Boi (NJB) GIF is derived from a digitally painted jellyfish that is altered for animation and colors manipulated in the app Procreate. Only one of each color combination is minted and only 20 have been minted at the time of this post’s writing.

Check out the Neon Jelly Boi Collection on OpenSea!

Thanks for reading!